Patient Journals

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Plastic Surgery Patient Journals

Read journals kept by actual patients of Dr. Spence as they document their experiences planning their life-changing surgeries and makeovers. Here are the highs and lows, the indecision, the doubts and convictions, and the final product of plastic surgery in Orlando.

A busy, successful 42-year-old mother of two decides to treat herself to the full breasts she'd always wanted, and along the way, decides to repair the tummy stretched out by childbirth. She tells you her most intimate moments as she prepares for and recovers from a mastopexy with a full abdominoplasty and umbilicalplasty.

I began to wonder if I was being frivolous... The answer came back with a resounding, unequivocal commitment to the transformation. I had waited too long and would wait no longer. I deserved this, had worked hard for it and as a matter of fact, now that I could see how beautiful my breasts were going to be, my eyes traveled down to my stomach.... read more

Thrilled to be back in her bathing suit and sexy jeans, this SculptEase Liposuction patient is only upset she waited so long for her body sculpting procedure.

As every woman knows, we are our own worst critics and we all strive to be the best we can be. Hence what led me to make an appointment with Dr. Spence.... The day after the procedure, I took a couple of Advil and I was back to my normal routine.... read more

A new mother was happy with her decision to breast feed, but hated what it did to her once-perky C cups. She visited Dr. Spence so she could like that person in the mirror again, and with the help of a mastopexy (lift), she gets her pre-baby breasts and self-esteem back.

The next thing I remember is waking up sore but feeling like I made one of the best decisions of my life. The next day at my post-op appointment I saw my breasts for the first time. WOW, how awesome! Is this really me?! Why was I so terrified? This is perfect! .... read more

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