Tips for Recovering from a Breast Lift

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Breast Lift Surgery

  • A supportive brassiere worn around the clock is very important for the breast lift patient during their period of swelling.
  • If your incisions are taped to help flatten the scars, this tape should be changed at least weekly. Be sure to watch out for any allergic reactions to the adhesives.
  • Limit the sun exposure to your breasts and use sun block liberally. Remember that when the skin has temporarily lost sensation it is more difficult to detect sunburn.
  • Do not soak your incisions in a bath; this can cause them to break down.
  • Clean incisions with a clean Q-tip. Beware of fake nails as they can harbor bacteria.
  • It is important that you massage.
  • Your breasts will not settle out to their final shape for several weeks. Your swelling may be asymmetric; give it time, as this asymmetry will resolve. If you are concerned then consult with your surgeon.
  • Hold off going bra shopping for about 6 weeks, until then a sports bra works well for support. Sometimes Dr. Spence recommends a push up bra. Speak specifically with your plastic surgeon about this.
  • Heavy lifting can put a strain on your incisions, causing them to disrupt. Speak to your plastic surgeon about this.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise protocols immediately following your procedure. Activities that put significant stress on your suture line can cause it to disrupt.
  • Talk with your surgeon to decide on scar management. Discuss topical agents such as bleaching creams, Vitamin E, or silicone gels. Some patients may be allergic to certain topical agents so these must be applied under strict supervision

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