Bladeless Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Treatment

The SRT-100 superficial radiotherapy machine has revolutionized skin cancer treatment across the United States. This method of treatment is effective for all Non-Melanoma skin cancers including basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and now FDA approved to treat keloids. There’s absolutely no cutting involved to eradicate the skin cancer and leaves minimal to no scarring post treatment. The SRT-100 treatment’s only take thirty seconds per treatment area and usually patients are required to have between (13-20) treatments total. The treatments are performed by a licensed Radiation Therapist  who is specialized in cancer treatment and can be performed by a Medical Doctor.  This new revolutionary treatment is great for those patients with active lifestyles who don’t want any down time or interference with their daily activities. The treatments side effects are reddening of the skin which we call in the medical field (erythema) and some itchiness towards mid-way through treatment. Non-Melanoma skin cancers located in areas more challenging to perform surgery on like the face and especially on eyelids, nose, ears, and lips make the SRT-100 a great choice and excels in these areas and can treat most areas of the body that have a proven Non-Melanoma skin cancer.

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