How a Plastic Surgeon Addresses Acne Scars

youngmanacne Acne is one of the most common yet frustrating skin conditions. While pimples are most often associated with adolescence, there are many adults who continue to struggle with active acne or with the scars that acne has left behind. If you have acne scars that are keeping you from a confident complexion, a plastic surgeon can help.

Facial scars of any kind are rarely wanted, as they can threaten your appearance as well as be a reminder of a skin trauma you’d like to forget. Acne scars are no different. With acne, the scarring can appear after there was deep trauma to the skin where an acne lesion developed. Acne scars can be categorized in many different types, including ice picks, boxcar scars, rolling scars and craters. Unfortunately, they don’t always improve with time, and these stubborn scars can significantly disrupt the overall texture and pigmentation of your complexion.

Why Do Acne Scars Form?

Like other types of scars, acne scars are created when the body attempts to heal itself. When your skin pores get clogged, bacteria can build up and cause an engorged lesion or follicle of skin (known as a “pimple”). When the lesion ruptures, the pus-like substance that leaks out can triggers additional inflammation and irritation within the skin. This is skin trauma that your body will naturally want to heal. The body will respond by producing skin collagen fibers to repair the area of skin. Unfortunately, your body doesn’t always get it right in terms of how much collagen to produce. It is common to see an over-production of collagen (raised scars) or under-production of collagen (pitted scars) in the attempt to heal your skin after a breakout.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Get Acne Scars?

Not all acne sufferers will experience scarring. There are several factors that can make one person more susceptible to acne scarring than another. First, the type of acne you have can be especially influential in whether you develop scarring. Typically, inflammatory acne or cystic acne is more likely to cause scarring. In addition, family history of acne scarring can increase your risk as well as whether or not you frequently pick, touch or pop your pimples. Seeking effective acne treatment can lessen active acne as well as reduce the chances of getting troublesome acne scars.

A Plastic Surgeon’s Approach to Acne Scars

Are acne scars a daily reminder of your acne-ridden years as a teenager? Do your scars give off a harsh or aged appearance? The good news is that you don’t have to live with your acne scars as an adult. Depending on the type and severity of your scarring, a plastic surgeon can offer the following types of acne scar treatments:

To consult with an experienced plastic surgeon who offers acne scar treatment near Orlando, please call Dr. Spence and Dr. Ovalle at Hillcrest Plastic Surgery. We value the importance of a smooth and confident complexion at all stages of life.

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