Tumescent Liposuction-Dr. Kenrick Spence

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Case Details

This 37 year-old female patient from Clermont, Florida is a mother of 2. She stands at 5 ft 1 and weighs 128 lbs. She is extremely physically active and works out diligently. Despite this she felt that she still had more resistant areas of fat about the abdomen. She was also displeased with the size and shape of her breast. She had some droop to the breast but did not want any scars on her breasts. She also wanted a more defined abdominal contour.

Her evaluation revealed fatty deposits about the abdomen, waistline, and flanks. She has good skin tone and elasticity. Her abdominal muscles were fairly well defined with no weak areas. Because of the droop to her breast tissue the dual plane position was chosen, as this would produce both a lift to the nipple as well as the benefit of partial coverage of the muscle.

She underwent traditional liposuction with tumescent solution and subtle etching of the abdominal wall with a microcannula. 300cc of tumescent solution was infused and 1250cc of pure fat was removed. 375cc smooth round saline filled implants were placed in the dual plane position through a small scar in the breast crease.

She is shown at 4 months after surgery. She now has the abdominal contour she desires and her skin has retracted nicely. She is quite pleased with her results. Her breasts are symmetric, soft, and have a natural look to them.

Surgeon: Dr. Spence
Patient Age: 37
Height: 5’1″
Weight Before: 128 lbs
Patient Gender: Female

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